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for your Business Digital Transformation Journey
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Business Consultation


PROVIDENT365 is a division of Pro-Datech Systems, equipped with 24×7 NOC facilities to provide proactive and fully managed IT support and management services, consistently adding exceptional values to every business.

We have a pool of technical expertise with extensive experience to provide Professional Services in IT design/consultation, deployment and implementation, focusing intensely on understanding your specific requirements and optimizing your business values leveraging on IT resources.

We provide a comprehensive range of Cloud services to aid businesses with their unique requirements at any stage of the cloud transformation journey. These include but are not limited to email, application, server, VM, storage migration, cloud backup, disaster recovery and management needs.

Provident365 Managed Services


Easier control of your business environment

Asset Management

Mobile Device Management

Customisable Action

Performance & Resource Monitoring

Quarterly Health Review & Live Reporting

Helpdesk & 24 x 7 Support

Remote Assist & Control

Monitoring Room
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